Sunday, May 16, 2010


If nothing else, I'll post here a favortie quote from G.K. Chesterton. This comes from a letter he wrote to his new fiancee telling her of all the things they shall do together as a married couple.

"We shall have bad things in the house and make them good things."

I LOVE this and I use it all the time. When I'm cooking food I look at the raw meat and say "You are bad, but I will make you good." Sometimes I have dust in my living room and dirt and grime in the kitchen, but those are bad things too and I make them good things.

Have a wonderful Sabbath! Jesse told me to stay in bed this morning and he's already showerd and now he's inthe kitchen making me breakfast. I love him and he loves me.


  1. Kate, you are an awesome wife and I love how you applied this! And Jesse is so good to you. :)

  2. Hi all! It's Jean. I'm so excited about y'all's (sp?) blog. As Emily said, we'll be able to communicate now. ;p

    Kate: When I initially read your end note, I thought you said "Jesus" when you wrote "Jesse." I literally did a double-take: "Wow! Jesus told her to stay in bed? I wish he'd tell me that sometimes..." (yeah. It's been a long day. You can read my blog for details. *wink* :)

  3. Hmm. did you know that this blog is visible to everyone on google? Jesse? Kate? Kesse? Jate? Maybe change your settings.....