Sunday, September 20, 2009

Womanly Dominion: the introduction

Even though we were supposed to read the intro and chapters 1 & 2 by this weekend, I did not. I completed the Intro and chapter 1 and that's where it ended. So far I like Mark Chanski's writing style. It is very informal and easy to read, but I'm not sure how convicting and exhorting it will be. That will be something to write about later as we continue.

In his introduction, Chanski refers to this book, Womanly Dominion, as following after his previous title, Manly Dominion. While he told many stories of couragous women and women of purpose, he left the definition to George Lawson who is quoted here:

"The virtous woman...declines not any part of her duty through aversion to toil; and by exerting her strength with a cheerful mind she improves it. Her labors give her health and vigor, and alacrity for new labors; so that she can with great ease and tranquility go through those duties which appear impossibilities to other woman...she possesses a greatness of soul, an inward vigor and resolution of mind, which sets her above all those little and tormenting fears which keep many of her sex in perpetual eneasiness."

So much for the intro.

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