Monday, September 21, 2009

Womanly Dominion: chapter the first

Chapter 1 took a bit to deal with. What the heck is Chanski talking about? He isn't laying it out; he is using too many examples; why doesn't he just say it?

Did anyone else have trouble getting into this book?

Chapter 1 begins with sports stories - an anecdote I forsee Chanski will continue to use. He explains play your position and win it. (Sports is not something I can easily relate too, but I got it. I thought for a while on why he used this illustration here. Is it because woman play sports so commonly? Not that there's anything wrong with that...)

The first term refers to stick to your guns, maning the battle stations; staying where God has planted you even if you think the action is elsewhere. The second term refers to conquering; working hard to conquer the situation no matter if you even think you can.

He lays out three main points in chapter 1; Domion Commonality, Personal Intensity and Positional Loyalty.

O.K., Kate, now unpack THAT if you can.

Chanski uses "Dominion Commanality" to mean that the dominion mandate is directed to both male and female; "Personal Intensity" means woman must take dominion of ourselves (our sin, personality, etc.). And "Positional Loyalty" means that we must take our situations in life as God-given and take dominion of the challenges and issues from our calling in life.

Now, I should read chapter 2.

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